LIBR - Library

LIBR 1105 Library Research Methods (2-0-2) 

This hands-on course introduces students to contemporary research techniques and strategies to become efficient and effective consumers and creators of information in the 21st century. The study of the role of libraries in society and nature of information will coincide with access to key online and electronic resources. In addition, students will learn important aspects of the research process in order to appropriately acquire, evaluate, organize and ethically use collected information. The knowledge and practical competencies in this course creates a foundation for academic success and lifelong learning.

LIBR 2705 Selected Topics in Library and Information Science (0-0-1) 

Specialized topics related to library/information science, including scholarly research in a specific discipline, library services, the history of libraries, the book, electronic resources, etc. Topic will vary with the instructor. Course may be taken twice for credit only if the topic varies.


Freshman or Sophomore students may not enroll.