ITRN - Internship

ITRN 2605 Externship (0-0-0) 

Prerequisite: Approval required by Internship Coordinator. Approval required by internship coordinator. Externships are experiential learning opportunities which place emphasis on learning through real world problem solving. Externships allow students to engage in potential occupational pathways at their own pace. This course is for students who want hands-on experience in the field but may not be able to devote the time needed to fulfill the internship requirements.


Freshman students may not enroll.

Enrollment limited to students in the Department Prerequisite college.

ITRN 3605 Internship (0-0-(3-12)) 

Practical, supervised experience in the field with an approved agency, company, non-profit organization, government entity, or community based organization that allows students to apply concepts learned in the university classroom. Students may earn 3-12 credit hours.


Enrollment limited to Junior or Senior students.

Enrollment limited to students in the College of Letters Sciences or Department Prerequisite colleges.