EURO - European Union

EURO 2105 Introduction to the European Union (3-0-3) 

A survey of the politics, history, economics, geography, economy and culture of the European Union. First required course for the European Union Certificate.

EURO 3105 The Idea of Europe (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: EURO 2105. A study of the development of the idea of Europe as represented today by the European Union. Particular emphasis will be placed on the history, philosophy, art and music of Europe from the time of Charlemagne to the present. Fulfills course requirements for the European Union Certificate.

EURO 4795 European Union Seminar (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: EURO 3105 and nine semester hours from the certificate menu of courses. This course will analyze fully the European Union in its political, economic, cultural and historical context. Students will be required to synthesize course content relative to the European Union Certificate. This course is the last requirement for the European Union Certificate.