INTS - International Studies

INTS 1000 International Studies Convocation (0-0-0) 

At Convocation, students will receive news and information about the certificate program, study abroad seminars, International Learning Community (ILC) events, and other global learning topics. International Studies Convocation is required for all certificate students at CSU. It is offered each fall semester. (S/U grading). May be repeated up to four times.

Repeatability: Repeatable for credit up to 4 times or 0 hours.

INTS 2105 Introduction to International Studies and Cross-Cultural Learning (3-0-3) 

Introduction to International Studies is an interdisciplinary course which creates a conceptual framework, knowledge base and skill set for students in various disciplines seeking to understand other cultures and countries, and globalization. Students will learn about the role of culture in communication and interpersonal relationships and the process of and challenges to moving between cultures. In addition the course will explore the origins and complex nature of globalization in today's world as it integrates and repels cultures and countries across the world. This course must be completed before the student has completed 12 credit hours in the International Studies Certificate.

INTS 4895 International Studies Capstone Course/Senior Seminar (0-0-3) 

Prerequisite: INTS 2105 with a grade of "C" or better, at least 12 hours toward the International Studies Certificate (ISC), and consent of the ISC coordinator. Students will conduct a major research project under the direction of the ISC coordinator. The topic will vary depending upon the student's major and international studies focus.


Enrollment limited to students in the following colleges:

  • Academic Affairs
  • College of Educ Health Prof
  • College of Letters Sciences
  • College of the Arts
  • Turner College of Business