GREK - Greek

GREK 1001 Elementary Greek I (3-0-3) 

Introduction to the Greek language: pronunciation, fundamentals of grammar, reading, and translation.

GREK 1002 Elementary Greek II (3-0-3) 

Continued study of Greek grammar and syntax begun in Greek 1001, with further reading and translation.

GREK 2001 Intermediate Greek I (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: GREK 1002. Continued study of Greek language: grammatical structure; composition practice; vocabulary; translation and analysis of classical thinkers and biblical writers; and study of Greek influences in western culture.

GREK 2002 Intermediate Greek II (3-0-3) 

Prerequisite: GREK 2001. Reading, translating, and analyzing major works of Greek literature - both prose and poetry - from the classical period and from the Bible. Students will increase their knowledge of linguistic, intellectual, and cultural influences of Greece on the modern world.