Physics (Minor)

Program of Study

PHYS 2211
PHYS 2311
Principles of Physics I
and Principles of Physics I Lab 1
PHYS 2212
PHYS 2312
Principles of Physics II
and Principles of Physics II Lab 1
Select 10 hours from the following:10
Waves and Optics
Twentieth Century Physics
Survey of Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 4205
Selected Introductory Topics in Teaching Physics
Total Credit Hours18

Select from the following if Principles of Physics courses are applied to Area D: ASTR 1105 Descriptive Astronomy: The Solar System, ASTR 1106 Descriptive Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies, ASTR 3105 Physics, Chemistry, and Geology of the Solar System, ASTR 3115 Introduction to Astrophysics, ASTR 3205 Observational Techniques for Astrophysics, ASTR 5105U , ENGR 2116 , ENGR 2117 Circuits and Electronics, ENGR 2165 Thermodynamics, ENGR 2316 , ISCI 5555U Contemporary Topics in Science, and PHYS 1325 Physics of Color and Sound Lab.