African-American Studies (Minor)

Program of Study

Select 15 hours from the following:15
HIST 3139Introduction to African American History3
HIST 5112UAmerican Slavery and Emancipation, 1619-18773
HIST 5566USelected Topics in Race and U.S. History3
ENGL 2135Multicultural Literature3
ENGL 4507Selected Topics in African American Literature3
POLS 3116Theories of Racism3
SOCI 3117Race and Ethnic Relations3
ARTH 3146Art of Africa and the Diaspora3
THEA 3179African American Theatre and Performance3
COMM 3149Race and Communication3

Students may apply 3 to 6 elective hours toward the minor provided the courses contain significant content pertaining to African-American studies. The elective courses must be approved by the chair of the Department of History and Geography.