Asian Studies (Minor)

Program of Study

Select 3 semester hours in lower division CHIN and JAPN courses3
Select 12 semester hours of the following:12
International Business
Selected Topics in World History
International Management
POLS 3139
International Relations
POLS 4178
Total Credit Hours15

The following selected topics courses may also be used for the minor if the topic has an Asian focus:

ARTH 3555Selected Topics in Art History3
ARTS 3555Selected Topics in Studio Art1-3
GEOL 3555
ITDS 1156Understanding Non-Western Cultures3
POLS 3555Selected Topics In Political Science3

At least nine semester hours must be in upper division courses and no more than nine semester hours may be in the same discipline. The director of the Center for International Education is responsible for advising and approval of topics and transfer courses.