Transient Students

A student who has taken coursework in an accredited or approved college or university and is eligible to re-enroll at that institution may apply for temporary admission at Columbus State University as a transient student. This student must be advised at their home institution before registering for CSU courses. Applicants must:

  • Submit a completed application for admission and pay the non-refundable $40 application processing fee.
  • Present an official statement signed by the registrar or other designated official of the institution in which the student is enrolled approving enrollment as a transient student. The student must be eligible for enrollment at the previous institution the same semester admission is sought at Columbus State University.
  • Submit a completed immunization form.

When there is doubt about the qualifications of an applicant seeking admission as a transient student, the university may require the applicant to comply with all regulations for transferring students. Transient status is approved for one semester only. Applicants who wish to attend Columbus State University for more than one semester consecutively must follow application procedures for transfer students.