Undergraduate Admission - Dual Enrollment/Early Admission

The Dual Enrollment Program is designed for students who wish to enroll concurrently in high school and college level courses. Early Admission is designed for students who wish to enroll in college full-time following the completion of their junior year in high school. Applicants must:

  • Be recommended by a high school counselor or the principal
  • Be granted approval by a parent or guardian if the student is a minor
  • Be enrolled in Required High School Courses (RHSC) which would lead to completion of all requirements by the end of the senior year in high school
  • Have a minimum high school academic grade point average of 3.0, based on RHSC units
  • Be in his/her junior or senior year of high school.

Test Score Requirements

Dual Enrollment and Joint Enrollment students must meet all requirements for admission.

11th and 12th Graders

  • GPA requirement: 3.0 in core courses on a 4.0 scale.

10th Graders (Joint Enrollment Only)

  • GPA requirement: 3.7 in core courses on a 4.0 scale.
  • Test score requirements: (in a single national test administration)
    • ACT: Composite score of at least 26 OR
    • SAT: Combined score of at least 1200

Note: Although test scores are not required for admission as a dual enrollment student, testing may be needed to be placed into a College Level English/Math course. Students meeting the English Requirement but not the Math Requirement may enroll in non-STEM courses only. Students meeting the Math Requirement but not the English Requirement may enroll in STEM courses only. Students wishing to take college math must first successfully complete their high school Algebra II/Advanced Algebra or an equivalent course. Students wishing to take college English must first successfully complete two English units in high school.


Students should work with the high school counselor to determine appropriate courses. Dual Enrollment courses must be selected from the approved Dual Enrollment Course Directory. Students may enroll in up to 15 credits/semester for a total of 30. Students may take classes in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

College coursework taken while still in high school does not count against HOPE Scholarship hours.

Students should consult with their high school counselor before applying for admission. 

Dual Enrollment Program The Dual Enrollment Program is for students classified as high school juniors and seniors at an accredited public or private high school in the state of Georgia and operates in all school terms. The program allows students to pursue postsecondary study while receiving dual high school and college credit for courses successfully completed. Students must apply online for the Dual Enrollment Program at https://gafutures.org. Courses pursued by students under this program must come from the approved course directory and only in the areas of the core graduation requirements for college preparatory students: English, mathematics, social studies, science, and foreign language.  Any additional credit hours and/or courses not covered under Dual Enrollment must be paid for out of pocket.  Should you change your CSU class schedule after the Add/Drop dates, you are held responsible for full payment (Review CSU Academic Calendar for Fee Payment Deadline).  Courses must be selected from the approved Course Directory for Dual Enrollment. For more information about the Dual Enrollment Program, visit the Georgia Student Finance Commission's website at https://gafutures.org. Search for "Dual Enrollment".