Robotics Engineering (MS)

Program of Study

Area 1 Required: 21 Credit Hours
Take the following foundational courses
ENGR 5151GComputer Vision 13
ENGR 5161GElements of Machine Intelligence3
ENGR 5176GKinematics and Dynamics3
ENGR 5236GMicroelectronic Circuits3
ENGR 5238GIntroduction to Embedded Systems3
Take two additional courses from the following list to accumulate 21 credit hours in Area 1. 6
If any of the above foundational courses were taken as undergraduate courses (U version) in the undergraduate program of study, substitute graduate level ENGR, CPSC, or MATH courses.
Any 5000+ ENGR/CPSC/MATH class with advisor approval
Area 1 Total21
Area 2 Required: 9 Credit Hours
Must complete one of the options below.
Thesis Option
Thesis Defense
Thesis Research (Repeat to complete a total of 9 hours)
Nonthesis Option
Take one of the following two courses twice for a total of 6 hours
Graduate Research Project
Supervised Graduate Internship
Choose one of the following courses that is not applied in Area 1:
Any 5000+ ENGR/CPSC/MATH class with advisor approval
Area 2 Total9
Total Credit Hours30

Admission Requirements

Additional Program Requirements

There are no program specific academic regulations.