Public Safety (Undergraduate Certificate)


Program of Study

Area 1 Program Core Required : 15 Credit Hours
JADM 3129Internal Affairs3
JADM 3135Managing Marginal Employees3
JADM 5127UManagement In Justice Administration3
JADM 5128UPublic Finance Administration3
JADM 5135UProfessionalism And Ethics In Criminal Justice3
Area 2 Program Required: 15 Credit Hours
Must complete one of the options below.
Option 1: Law Enforcement
JADM 3126Critical Incident Management3
JADM 3127Employment Process for Public Safety3
JADM 3128Essential Skills for Professional Management3
JADM 3136Performance Appraisals and Evaluations3
JADM 5129ULegal Liability In Justice Administration3
Option 2: Corrections
JADM 4105Correctional Institutions & Liability Issues3
JADM 4106History Of Crime & Punishment3
JADM 4108Criminal & Deviant Behavior3
JADM 4125Correctional Operations & Administration3
JADM 4126Criminal Rehabilitative Programs3
Option 3: Fire/Emergency Services
JADM 3136Performance Appraisals and Evaluations3
PSMP 4135Principles of Emergency Services Management3
PSMP 4136Building Construction for Fire Protection3
PSMP 4137Principles of Fire & Emergency Services Safety & Survival3
PSMP 4138Legal Aspects of Emergency Services3