Geographic Information Systems and Science (Undergraduate Certificate)

Program of Study

Required Curriculum7
A grade of B or better is required in each course
GEOG 2215Introduction to the Geographic Information Systems3
GEOG 5215UAdvanced Geographic Information Systems4
Elective Curriculum 9-11
A grade of B or better is required in each course
GEOG 3828GIS Module Independent Study4
GEOG 4615Internship (offered through negotiated contract) 31-3
ENVS 5235UGeographic Information and Global Positioning Systems 54
DATA 1501Introduction to Data Science 3
BUSA 2100Introduction to Information Systems in Business3
or MISM 2115
Additional GIS - oriented courses approved by the certificate coordinators as they become available will be suitable as elective coursework.

There are specific obligations to GEOG 4615 Internship that must be met for the internship, paid or unpaid, to qualify for credit.


As examples of additional GIS course work that would qualify, the department is currently considering extending the GIS curriculum to include a remote sensing class and a GIS programming class.


Can be used to replace GEOG 2215 as a required course for students in the MS Environmental Science program.

Prerequisites: GEOG 2215 Introduction to the Geographic Information Systems  offered in Fall and Spring Semesters