First Year Experience®

New students face many challenges when making the transition to university life. CSU's First Year Experience® Program is designed to help smooth this transition. The components listed below are intended to assist new students in building a foundation for academic success while promoting social, cultural and personal development. Among the programs and events CSU offers to first year students are the following:

  • Cougar Kickoff
  • First Year Convocation
  • LEAD 1705 Introduction to Servant Leadership
  • ITDS 1779 Scholarship Across the Disciplines
  • PERS 1506 Perspectives 1-hour
  • PERS 1507 Perspectives 2-hour
  • First Year Orientation

All entering freshmen must satisfy the First Year Experience requirement by enrolling in PERS 1506 Perspectives 1-hour, PERS 1507 Perspectives 2-hourITDS 1779 Scholarship Across the Disciplines, or LEAD 1705 Introduction to Servant Leadership before they reach sophomore status (30 credit hours). Transfer students with fewer than 30 credit hours must have transferable credit from another institution in order to be exempt from this requirement.

** Note: Completion of PERS 1506, PERS 1507, ITDS 1779, or LEAD 1705 satisfies General Education core class requirement for Area B2.