Pre-Professional Programs

The university offers pre-professional curricula. The varying requirements of different professional schools, however, require close adherence by the student to the catalog requirements of the respective college. Thus, students can complete one, two, three, or four years of work toward professional degrees at Columbus State University, depending on their objectives and the requirements of the particular professional school involved. It should be noted that most professional schools require an above-average academic record for admission.


The statement on pre-legal education of the Association of American Law Schools does not recommend any specific major or course work for the prospective law student. Many Columbus State University baccalaureate programs may develop the broad competencies recommended in the statement. Students should contact the pre-law advisor through the chair, Department of Political Science, for further information.


All courses required for admission to medical and dental schools are offered by Columbus State University; however, pre-medicine is not a major degree program - it is a concentration in preparation for a career goal. Students seeking admission into a medical or dental school should select an undergraduate academic major. Three departments publish degree progress information and provide academic advisors to support pre-medical students: they are Biology, Chemistry and Geology, and Psychology and Sociology. Within each of these programs, sufficient electives are included to allow students to take courses needed for pre-medical preparation. For more detailed information on these programs see BS Biology, BA Chemistry, and BS Psychology (listed elsewhere), or contact the Department of Biology, the Department of Chemistry and Geology, or the Department of Psychology. Students with other academic majors, interested in applying to medical schools should, during the freshman or sophomore year, contact the chair of the pre-medical advisory committee. Contact the Dean, College of Letters and Sciences to learn the name and headquarters of this individual. Students with pre-medical concentrations are required to maintain competitive academic records and to attend to other admissions requirements in addition to required classes. It is recommended that students serious about making applications to medical schools work through the Columbus State University Pre-Medical Advisory Committee.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

See BS in Biology degree, or contact the Department of Biology.

Pre-Physical / Occupational Therapy

Courses required for admission to physical and occupational therapy schools are offered by Columbus State University. The B.S. Kinesiology (Exercise Science concentration) has the necessary flexibility to meet these requirements and has extensive course content that is relevant to the practicing therapist. Please contact the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences for further information.