Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Columbus State University Financial Aid Office administers Title IV Federal Student Aid under guidelines from the U. S. Department of Education. The Secretary of Education requires schools to develop and implement policies by which academic progress is evaluated and monitored. In order to receive federal or state financial aid, a student must maintain Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Students who fail to maintain SAP will be notified by the Financial Aid Office. Eligibility is based upon an evaluation of the cumulative hours accepted for transfer and hours attempted at CSU.

A student will be evaluated on both qualitative and quantitative measures. The minimum acceptable standards for receiving federal or state aid are as follows:


All financial aid recipients are expected to earn the minimum required grade point average (GPA) that corresponds with the total number of hours attempted.

Total hours attempted1 Minimum overall financial aid grade point average
00 - 29 2.0
30 - 59 2.0
60 - 89 2.0
90 or more 2.0

Includes transfer hours and Columbus State GPA hours.

Graduate students must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.0.


Students must not exceed 150% of the normal length of the program. For example, the maximum time-frame of eligibility for an undergraduate student is 185 attempted hours for a 123 hour program. The maximum time-frame of eligibility for a graduate student is 54 attempted hours for a 36 hour program.

Students are expected to successfully complete a minimum of 67% of the total hours attempted (transfer hours included). Successful completion is limited to grades of A, B, C, D, and S. Unsuccessful attempts include grades of F, WF, W, U, I, and IP.

Students who fall below the minimum overall financial aid GPA, fail to successfully complete 67% of the hours attempted or exceed the maximum time-frame for program completion will be in violation of the SAP policy. SAP is measured at the end of each semester.

Students not meeting the SAP requirements will receive a warning letter and one semester to redeem their status (except those who exceed 150% of the normal length of the program). At the end of the one semester of warning, students not meeting all SAP standards will lose their financial aid eligibility.

Students notified that they are not making Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress may submit an appeal if they had an extenuating circumstance. The appeal can be submitted online at Students with approved appeals must adhere to an established academic plan.