Classification of Students

Students are admitted to graduate study under one of the following classifications:

Regular graduate student. A prospective candidate for a degree whose undergraduate record and examination scores indicate a strong possibility of success in graduate study. An applicant is admitted upon the recommendation of the appropriate graduate program director.

Provisional student. A prospective candidate for a degree who does not satisfy full admission requirements will be classified in this category under conditions specified by the appropriate graduate program director. A student initiating graduate work under this classification may continue in a degree program when the conditions specified at the time of admission have been met and the student has been reclassified. The provisional category does not apply to EdS programs or international students in F-1 status.

Transient student. A student in good academic standing in a recognized graduate program at another institution. An applicant must submit an application, application fee, an official copy of undergraduate transcripts and a statement from the registrar at the home institution certifying good academic standing. Transient students may enroll for one term. The director of admissions will consider additional semesters on a case-by-case basis.

Audit student. An applicant who wishes to audit courses is required to submit an application for admission, the application fee, and a transcript showing that a baccalaureate degree has been earned. Audit students must pay all regular fees. Credit will not be granted at a later time for courses in which a graduate student was registered as an audit student.

Non-Degree. Non-degree students seeking re-certification, endorsement, or professional development must also meet the following academic standing requirements. Students classified as non-degree cannot use these credits toward any degree at Columbus State University unless previously approved by the appropriate graduate program director.